It is important when working as a member of team not to take on all of the responsibility and workload on yourself. If a person micromanages and must be a part of each little minute decision the productiveness and efficiency of the team will flounder.  It is important to accept that others have ideas that are better than your own and must be taken into consideration. As a leader of a team it is not necessary to do all of the work yourself but you have to know about all of the work and manage its completion.

Irregardless of a teams leadership structure the coach or mentor will give advice or establish a task and although he may tell the captains the information; the captains can then delegate that work to other team members that may be more suited for that particular tasks. Delegation also helps give everyone something to do so there are no idle hands, therefor if one team member is overloaded with work, some of that work could be transferred to another member that currently isn’t doing anything.

Delegation improves productivity because it spreads the work load out into bite size chunks that everyone can complete. This brings the time necessary to complete a task to a minimum.

Delegation is often given a negative connotation because some see it as being lazy, but in reality it useful because everyone gets to be a part of the process rather than one person taking control of the entire team. Delegation also gives each member opportunities to grow and learn.

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