Team Notebook

This is where you talk about competitions your team attended, and outreach events your team participates in or organized.

Be sure to check out pages 39 and 41 (parts 7.5.3 and 7.5.6) of the FTC Game Manual Part I for details about the new Connect and Motivate Award criteria

  1. Include pictures
    • Large blocks of text are hard to read. Avoid them by breaking up content with pictures and captions and using bullet points instead of paragraphs
  2. So what?
    • You attended an outreach. So what? Make sure you state what came out of the event. Did you help spread FIRST in your community? Did you increase interest in robotics? Did you simply help out your community at a non-robotics related event? Be sure to let the judges know! Drive home your team’s purpose for the outreach event.
  3. Remember that an “outreach event” can be one that benefits your team.
    • The most popular types of outreach help inform communities about STEM. But an outreach can also be talking to a local engineer or reaching out to mentors for robotics help.
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