Signatures help emphasize the validity of your teams logbook. 

Every log should be signed by the team member who wrote it, and dated. In addition, every log should be co-signed, meaning that another team member has read the log and verified the content of the log, and dated.

  1. Try to have different people write logs
    • This not only shows readers that the whole team is informed on the robot-building process, but also gives everyone an opportunity to develop documentation skills that are critical for a career in engineering.
  2. Logs do not need to be read and co-signed on the same day as they are written
    • However, logs should be read and co-signed before or on the date of the next log.
  3. Unless the log is more than three pages long, it should be written and signed by one person
    • Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but in general, stay consistent with writing and signing.
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