Intro to Logbook

The purpose of the engineering notebook is to document the “journey” that the team has traveled to create all of the components of the team (robot, programming, outreach, finance) that the judges see at competition.


Teams can submit either a handwritten or typed engineering notebook; there is no preference in judging.

  • Handwritten notebooks can be spiral bound, laboratory or documentation notebooks. Teams can also use loose leaf paper, granted that the paper is placed into the Rockwell Collins provided binder in the Registration Kit.
  • Electronic notebooks must be printed before the competition and placed into a binder no larger than 3″. All pages should be numbered.



  1. Team Number and Name should be on the outside of the notebook
  2. A summary page should be submitted to the judges, attached to the first page of the notebook. The summary should include:
    • A one page narrative about the team and highlights of the teams’ season
    • Team name and number
  3. The notebook must be divided into multiple sections
    1. Robot design
    2. Team and Outreach Activities
    3. Business Plan


For more details about the engineering notebook and its requirements, check out page 34 (Part 7.3) of the FTC Game Manual Part I


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