Engineering Notebook

  1. Your team’s engineering notebook should clearly show your team’s progression through the engineering design process.
    • A basic example of a design process is:  “Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Improve.” Your team should follow this process throughout the season and your notebook should demonstrate this.
      • For example, to “Plan” your robot designs, your team may create prototypes or CAD drawings, which can be shown in your logs.
  2. In general, the Lancers place competition logs in the engineering section, as after competitions we often reflect on our performance and analyze how to improve our robot.
  3. You don’t always have to use words! It’s hard to read large blocks of text, and judges will tend to glance over them. Here are a couple of alternative to writing:
    • Pictures (along with captions)
    • Tables (ex. Pros and Cons)
    • Diagrams (lexan cut sheets, drawn out designs in the log)
    • Flowcharts (Problem -> Solution)
    • Graphs! Graphs can provide a great visual representation of data taken to test a design
    • CAD drawings
    • Math/Physics
  4. Prioritize your logs by using more/less space
    • Less important logs can use half a page, while more important logs can use up to 4 pages
      • Make sure you format shorter/longer logs correctly, check here for guidelines
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