Cad is something that we believe is very important for a successful team, it allows you to visualize an assembly before it is built and realize its issues before you build it, this shortens build time and makes that time more efficient.There are many cad softwares out there like  PTC,Solidworks, and Inventor just to name a few. We use Autodesk Fusion 360 this is because it is cloud based which allows lower end machines to  run the program and allows multiple people to cad without messing with the file dependencies. PTC on the other hand sponsors the ptc design award so using it does give you a slight leg up in winning. There are 3 different parts to cad that a team must focus on: design,develop,display.

Design cad is the the development of your robot, drivetrain, and scoring mechanisms. Its also a guide for the builders to make the bot. In this phase one should test parts and assemblies to ensure the won’t fail during competition

Here is an example below:


Stress test rubber band sprocket

During the development Phase, we design and print custom parts in order to enhance our performance during matches for example, the rubber band sprockets seen above allow us to quickly swap out rubber band from out collector. By using this part we are able to have one of the fastest collectors in the game.

The next part is in my opinion the most important part of cad, you’ve made all of your assemblies and built your whole bot but now you have to figure out a way to show that to people in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and conveys your information well.

Forms of display cad

  • Autodesk 360 automatically generates a 3d interactive model. Of any part or assembly
  • Cad drawings
    • this is the most effective way of displaying your assemblies and parts. You are able to create annotations,point out key components/functions, show dimensions and add detail views.



Hinge connector

  • Renderings
    • Renderings allow people to get a better idea of what the part looks like in real life.

Final Bot


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